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  • Introduction to GMP
  • The ABC’s of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • New Employee Training for Pharmaceutical & Biotech Employees
  • The Drug Development Journey – Getting Drugs to the Market
  • Root Cause Analysis Basics
  • Six System Approach to Compliant Quality Systems
  • The Nitty Gritty on Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • FMEA for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry
  • Compliance in a Nut Shell – Don’t Box Yourself In
  • The ABC’s of Validation
  • Internal Auditing
  • External Auditing
  • Creating Quality Agreements


  • Introduction to Good Research Practices
  • Introduction to GLP
  • GLP Basics
  • GLPs in a GMP Environment
  • Creating Nonclinical Study Protocols
  • What is the IACUC? and Do We Need One?
  • Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Unit during Nonclinical Studies
  • Responsibilities of the Study Director
  • GLPs for R&D

Medical Device

  • Introduction to GMP
  • The ABC’s and 123’s of the Medical Device Industry
  • GMP Basics
  • Quality System Regulations – How to Implement a Compliant System
  • New Employee Training for Medical Device Employees
  • Design Control
  • FMEA for the Medical Device Industry
  • Packaging and Labeling

Environmental Health
and Safety

  • Blood borne Pathogens
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Disposal of Biohazards
  • New Employee Safety Training
  • Waste Management